Pacey Performance Podcast

Changing the way we think about training speed and agility, and implementing the methods of Frans Bosch with Leigh Egger (Head of Performance at Feyenoord Rotterdam)

July 29, 2021

This week’s Pacey Performance Podcast sees Rob speak to Leigh Egger, Head of Performance at Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Dutch Eredivisie. Leigh was formerly a semi-professional footballer in Australia, which has given him insight and empathy into both the emotional and physical side of playing.

Leigh discusses his time at Feyenoord, including how he has been influenced by Frans Bosch, John Pryor and Stijn Vandenbroucke. He goes in depth into the effective rehab framework the club’s coaches have been working on, including how to improve agility, speed and strength in footballers.

To learn some of Leigh’s excellent coaching practices for yourself, hit the play button now to learn what Feyenoord have been up to – and avoid some costly errors coaches often encounter.

On this week’s podcast:

  • Why playing experience can be invaluable to coaches
  • How Leigh moved into coaching in the Dutch top division from his playing career
  • The rehab framework Leigh has been working on with Feyenoord’s influential coaching team
  • The biggest technical errors Leigh sees in football
  • The influence of Frans Bosch on Leigh's training philosophy
  • How to implement hip lock to improve sprinting and movement
  • Coaching techniques that develop agility
  • Leigh’s templates and tips for developing acceleration
  • The transfer of traditional strength training into sport
  • Using aqua bags correctly and the common errors people make with them

Leigh can be found on Twitter @LeighEgger

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