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The quadrant system; allowing creativity and structure in planning and periodisation with Daniel Bove (Director of Performance, New Orleans Pelicans)

September 2, 2021

This week’s guest on the Pacey Performance Podcast is Director of Performance for the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA, Daniel Bove. Daniel has previously worked for the Atlanta Hawks as their assistance strength coach, before moving on to the Phoenix Suns and then New Orleans in his current role. In line with his new book, Daniel talks about how to use the quadrant system as a visualisation tool in strength and conditioning training, including how it can be used effectively in regular, day-to-day coaching.


This includes the outputs that can be created, how to manage quadrants when games are close together, and also force plates and their use in the NBA - giving some insight into plyometrics in a sport where effective jumping is an absolute necessity. To learn all this and much more, hit the pay button now.


This week’s topics:

  • The use of quadrants as a visualisation tool
  • Daniel’s principles for periodisation and planning
  • How to make the quadrant system fit into everyday coaching
  • Creating an output using the strength training quadrant
  • The use of machines during slow strength training
  • Managing quadrants when games are so close together
  • What to change in quadrants depending on the opposition
  • The use of metabolic quadrants, and what each quadrant involves
  • How plyometrics fit into the quadrant system
  • Force plates and how they are used in the NBA
  • How much info to feed back to athletes regarding rehab

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