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Pacey Performance Podcast #188 - Scott Talpey (Assistant Professor at Southern Connecticut University) & Warren Young (Associate Professor at Federation University)

May 17, 2018

This episode is a little different in the sense we don't discuss the nuances of training but look at the education climate across three continents. How are we preparing students to work in professional sport? How does this differ in the US to Australia? How can we better structure out Bsc & Msc programmes to maximise the chance of employment? Enjoy!

In this episode, you will learn -

  • Who are Warren Young & Scott Tapley (background, education and current role)
  • Popular Bsc & Msc course structures (both)
    • Problems with this structure
    • Why its not giving students what they need to move into the applied world
  • Msc course at Federation University (Warren)
    • What makes it different?
    • What students leave with compared to 'normal' courses
  • Collaboration within universities (Scott)
    • What does this look like in practice
  • Where is the industry at? (Warren)
  • Where the industry is heading (Scott)
    • Further academic evolution?
  • Most influential books (both)

Warren can be found on Twitter @woozleyoung and Scott can also be found on Twitter @s_talps

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This episode is also sponsored by Forcedecks. If you want to know more about ForceDecks, listen to episode #139 of the Pacey Performance Podcast with co-founder, Dr. Daniel Cohen.

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