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Pacey Performance Podcast #238 - Dave Regan (Former Sports Science Coordinator at the Miami Dolphins and Performance Consultant)

May 2, 2019

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Former Sports Science Coordinator at Miami Dophins & NY Mets, and Performance Consultant, Dave Regan. Dave was introduced to me by Jo Clubb who is at the Buffalo Bills after I asked her who I should speak to about working in the NFL. Dave spent 4 years with the Dophins and 1 year with the Mets so has a great understanding of both sport but is not currently employed in either sport so was able to really lift the lid on what its like to work in them environments. I absolutely loved this chat with Dave that was not only very informative but extremely entertaining!

Hope you enjoy this episode with Dave Regan.

  • Who is Dave Regan (background, education and current role)
  • Miami Dolphins
    • What did the programme look like when you arrived and how did that change?
    • Effect of organisational leadership and how that effected practice
    • Technology
      • How did the inclusion of wearable tech affect your practice?
      • Compliance
  • NY Mets
    • Strength and conditioning

      • Compliance
      • What did training look like?
      • Influence of data on programme
    • Sports science
      • Data collected
      • Influence of different departments
      • Involvement in scouting/recruitment
  • Industry perspectives
    • Where is US sport heading?
    • Would you do anything differently?
    • Setting in to the US as an Aussie

Dave can be contacted via email at

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