Pacey Performance Podcast

Working with the countries most promising young football players at Arsenal academy with Paudie Roche (Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach at Arsenal Football Club)

April 11, 2019

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach at Arsenal Football Club, Paudie Roche.  Unlike other part 2's I have done in the past, this one with Paudie comes only weeks after part 1 because of the response we both had on the back of that. This part 2 is a little different, however. Paudie was kind enough to put a tweet out and ask for questions which listeners wanted answering, so this episode is a Q&A based on listener questions.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Paudie Roche.

  • Who is Paudie Roche (education, background, current role)
  • S&C in foundation phase (Culture Coach)
    • Role of play
    • Exposure to different sports
  • Olympic lifting and its role at Arsenal (Luke Jenkinson)
    • Programming
    • Progressions and regressions
    • Time investment
  • Individualisation training (Lassi Laakso)
    • Are we slowing down progress by individualising too much?
  • Speed training at Arsenal academy (Neil Scanlon)
    • Structure
    • Focus
    • Planning and programming
  • Velocity based training (Ben Sayers)
    • Thoughts on VBT
    • Do you use it? If not, why not
  • Internal and external load monitoring at Arsenal academy (Conor Cantwell)
  • Biggest challenges faced as a newly qualified S&C coach (Jordan Fentiman)

Paudie can be found on Twitter @coach_roche_

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