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Injury reduction strategies in high performance structures; the good, the bad and the ugly Darcy Norman (Director of Performance Science at Kitman Labs)

February 28, 2019

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Director of Performance Science at Kitman Labs and Performance Coach for the US Men's National Team, Darcy Norman. I am delighted to welcome Darcy on the podcast for a part 2 after he appeared over 3 years ago in this episode. Darcy is an incredible guy and someone I was lucky enough to grab dinner with in Rome when I was there on holiday in June 2018. A coach who has a CV to die for, Darcy is such a humble guy and is a pleasure to speak to on this podcast. Enjoy this chat with Darcy Norman.

  • Who is Darcy Norman (background, experience and current role[s])
  • Injuries
    • 'Prediction'
    • Kitman Labs view/approach
    • Innovation
    • Injury reduction strategies - a practical overview
  • High performance structures
    • Where can HP managers make the biggest impact?
    • What sport can learn from business and visa versa
    • Meeting the needs of the coaching staff (even when that may not align with your philosophy)
  • Working with international teams
    • What you've learnt on both sides of the fence
    • Maximising time with players (international team and Roma/Bayern)
    • Realities of being away with an international team
      • Planning
      • Jack of all trades
      • 'Success' KPI's?

Darcy can be found on Twitter @darcynorman

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