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Pacey Performance Podcast #200 - Rob Pacey (Host of the Pacey Performance Podcast)

August 9, 2018

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am being interviewed by Brett Bartholomew. I asked Brett to be the one to do the interviewing because I knew that he would ask me questions that knocked me out of my comfort zone and I know it definitely did that. Hopefully this episode gives people a little bit of an insight into my thought on a few topics I have been harping on about a lot recently. Enjoy.

In this episode, you will learn -

  • Who is Rob Pacey (background, education and current role)
  • Why I started the podcast and what the future holds
  • Sharing of information and 'trade secrets'
  • What skills coaches should be developing apart from coaching
  • Debunking the stigma around wanting to earn more money
  • Personal vs professional development

I can be found on Twitter @strengthofsci

This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Vald Performance, the team behind the NordBord and the new Groinbar, a hip and groin strength measuring solution. They can be found at and you can get more information on the groin bar at and on Twitter @groinbar.

This episode is sponsored by Fatigue Science. Fatigue Science combine wearable technology with biomathematical science developed by the US Army to offer fantastic insights into sleep and cognitive fatigue.

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