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Training load masterclass with Aaron Coutts, Shane Malone, Adam Sheehan, Richard Akenhead and Mathieu Lacome

July 5, 2018

As part of this masterclass episode focusing on training load, I am speaking to Mathieu Lacome, Richard Akenhead, Adam Sheehan, Aaron Coutts and Shane Malone. After the great success of the sprint masterclass episode and the velocity based training masterclass episode, I decided to continue with the structure and pick out some of the best bits around the topic of training load. It was great to listen to these guys again, talking about GPS monitoring, measuring neuromuscular fatigue and of course, RPEs and acute chronic ratios. Enjoy.

In this episode, you will learn -

  • Shane Malone

    • Acute chronic ratios

      • What they are and problems associated with them
    • Absolute vs relative GPS bandings
  • Aaron Coutts
    • Using RPE correctly
    • Future of training load monitoring
    • Acute chronic ratio problems
  • Richard Akenhead
    • What metrics can we trust from GPS
    • Using accelerometers
  • Mathieu Lacome
    • Measuring neuromuscular fatigue
  • Adam Sheehan
    • Using repeated high intensity efforts during conditioning sessions

Aaron can be found on Twitter @aaronjcoutts

Adam can be found on Twitter @sheehan_adam

Shane can be found on Twitter @shanemalone01

Mathieu can be found on Twitter @mathlacome

Richard can be found on Twitter @richakenhead

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