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Pacey Performance Podcast #189 - John Hill (Sports Scientist/S&C Coach) & Robbie Neilson (Head Coach)

May 24, 2018

We FINALLY have a Head Coach on the podcast! Joining ex Hearts and MK Dons Head Coach, Robbie Neilson is Sports Scientist & S&C Coach, John Hill. These guys worked together both at Hearts and more recently at MK Dons. On the podcast, guests always talk about getting buy in from the Head Coach or delivering information to the Head Coach but we never actually hear his side of the story. What does HE want from his S&C coach, what does HE want him to do to support the team? Hopefully this episode gives you an insight into how these 2 guys work together. Enjoy.

In this episode, you will learn -

  • Who are John & Robbie (background, education and current role)
  • What does a fitness coach 'look' like? (Robbie)
    • Personality
    • Education
    • Does/doesn't do
  • How you built the physical 'model' (Robbie)
    • What does it look like in practice
  • Philosophy on training (John)
    • Philosophy on working with Robbie
    • Getting to know what each other wanted
    • Compromises
    • Fittest team vs best team
  • Player to coach transition (Robbie)
    • Learnt from different managers
    • Dealing with players (Robbie)
    • Dealing with players (John)
  • Change of managers (John)
    • Adaptability

John can be found on Twitter @johnkahill88

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