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Pacey Performance Podcast #185 - Lachlan Wilmot (High Performance Manager at Parramatta Eels)

April 27, 2018

This is Lachlan's second time on the pod but since his first appearance he has moved from GWS Giants to being High Performance Manager at Parramatta Eels in the NRL. Lachlan worked under David Joyce (another podcast guest) for a number of years at GWS Giants in AFL and has become best known for his thoughts around hamstring training and injury reduction. This article Lachlan wrote for Strength of Science may also be of value. He has also set up his own gym, Athletes Authority which we discuss in this episode of the podcast. Enjoy.

In this episode, you will learn -

  • Who are Lachlan Wilmot (background, education and current role)
  • Working in/building of the the GWS team
  • Moving from AFL to rugby league
    • Cultural changes
    • Changes to practice
    • Process of integration
  • Approach to mitigating hamstring injury risk
  • Speed training
    • Influences
    • What you have changed over the last 2 years
    • Programming & progressions
  • Athletes Authority
    • Why?
  • Use of social media for coaches

Lachlan can be found on Twitter @lachlan_wilmot and on Instagram @performancecoach_wilmot

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This episode is also sponsored by Forcedecks. If you want to know more about ForceDecks, listen to episode #139 of the Pacey Performance Podcast with co-founder, Dr. Daniel Cohen.

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