Pacey Performance Podcast

How to develop some of the Premier League‘s most promising young talent with Matt Allen (Head of Academy Physical Development at Tottenham Hotspur)

July 22, 2021

This week’s Pacey Performance Podcast sees Rob joined by Matt Allen, the Head of Academy Physical Development at Tottenham Hotspur. After initially working his way up as a student intern, he shares how he managed to bridge the gap between student life and a professional sports environment.

Matt shares some excellent knowledge about how to coach young athletes, including the techniques and drills that can turn a promising young footballer into a world beater, and the emotional intelligence to deal with both precocious young talent and demanding parents.

To learn more about his experiences at the top of the football pyramid with Spurs, the training sessions that will push young athletes to excel, and advice for younger coaches wanting to get into football, hit the play button now.

This week’s podcast topics:

  • How Matt’s internship bridged the gap between student and professional life
  • How training focus changes across the age groups
  • How to coach a tall athlete who isn’t necessarily physical in playing style
  • Managing periods of rapid growth, and when to alter things
  • Emotional Intelligence when dealing with young athlete’s parents
  • Linking training sessions together as an academy coach
  • Strength sessions vs power sessions with youth footballers
  • Speed training in football
  • Advice for younger coaches wanting to get into football
  • Insight into how to develop young players – and nurture the right attitude

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