Pacey Performance Podcast

Harnessing ego to increase player and coach performance with Martin Buchheit (Head of Performance Research at Kitman Labs) and George Perry (athletics coach and sports writer)

July 15, 2021

On this week’s Pacey Performance Podcast, Rob speaks to Martin Buchheit and George Perry. Martin is well-known in sports science for his work as Head of Performance Intelligence Research at Kitman Labs and as ex Head of Performance at Paris Saint Germain. George is a sports performance specialist, businessman and writer from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Together, they have co-authored EGOals - a comprehensive guide to the impact and importance of the human ego in sport, including self-confidence and portraying a positive image as an influencer in an often-competitive industry. Martin and George share inside information into what they’ve found working with both coaches and athletes with a big ego.

Of course, it is possible for this to tip into arrogance – a dangerous trait in the world of sport. Luckily Martin and George are on hand to advise on how to balance confidence and humility and remain grounded as a coach. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn all this and much more.

This week’s topics:

  • The book Martin and George are working on, and why it’s “the book they wish they had at the start of their career”
  • How greater self-awareness will help in coaching
  • Why the ego can be a powerful tool when harnessed in the right way
  • The differences in ego between American, European and Australian coaches
  • Dealing with – and coaching - Zlatan Ibrahimović and his big ego
  • How big egos can drive performance standards
  • Why Martin and George created fake, “egotistical” social media profiles
  • Finding the right balance between confidence and humility
  • The ‘made up’ job titles in the sports science and coaching industries
  • Building up your “bullshit filter”

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