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Eccentric training; the why, when and how with Angus Ross (Senior Strength & Conditioning Specialist at High Performance Sport New Zealand)

May 6, 2021

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Senior Strength and Conditioning Specialist at High Performance Sport New Zealand, Angus Ross. Angus is one of the most humble guys in the industry but has an incredible brain. Angus sits in that really interesting place in strength and conditioning with one foot in academia and research, and one foot firmly in the applied world working with world class track and field athletes. And just to make me more jealous of Angus, it sounds like he was an incredible athlete too...

In this episode, we discussed...

  • Eccentric training

    • Why use eccentric focused training
    • Adaptations
      • The various types of eccentric training
      • Flywheel technology
    • Their place in the wider programme
      • Sprints and jumps
      • Integration with isometric training
      • Around competition and taper periods
  • Acceleration
    • Principles
    • Profiling
    • What team sport athletes can learn from sprinters (and what they shouldn't)

Angus can be found on Twitter @AngusRossNZ


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