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Pacey Performance Podcast #302 - Barriers Encountered by Females in S&C (Sophia Nimphius, Lorena Torres & Brian Gearity)

July 23, 2020

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Sophia Nimphius, Brian Gearity and Lorena Torres about the barriers encountered by females in strength & conditioning. Sophia is a Professor at Edith Cowen University and has featured on the podcast before chatting about change of direction, however this is an area that she is extremely passionate about and in this episode provides some stories that really shocked and disappointed me about our industry. Lorena Torres is Performance Director at the Philadelphia 76ers and, like Sophia provides an incredible insight into what its like being a female in such a male-dominated industry such as strength and conditioning. Brian is a Director of Online Sports Degrees at the University of Denver and recently co-authors the book, 'Understanding Strength and Conditioning as Sport Coaching: Bridging the Biophysical, Pedagogical and Sociocultural Foundations of Practice' so is well versed in this area. This is a great listen but be ready for some uncomfortable truths.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Sophia, Lorena and Brian.

In this episode we discussed...

  • Who are Sophia Nimphius, Lorena Torres and Brian Gearity (background, education and current role)?
  • The current state of play 
    • Personal experiences as females in S&C
    • Male athlete perceptions of female coaches (Brian)
      • Recommendations for females going into male sports 
    • Females in leadership positions within sporting organisations 
  • Key barriers to career development as a female S&C/sports scientist 
    • A broader social context
  • The way forward 
    • What is being done
    • What more we can do

Sophia can be found on Twitter @docsoph, Lorena can be found on Twitter @lorenatorres07 and Brian can be found on Twitter @drgearity

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