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Pacey Performance Podcast #250 - Tim Doyle (Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University)

July 25, 2019

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University, Tim Doyle. I am delighted to get Tim on the show to discuss his work in the military and his research and PhD supervision which involves the use of inertial sensors in rugby league. With a number of clubs around the world becoming interested in the use of tibial worn inertial sensors I thought it would be great to get Tim's insights into this area. Outside the world of biomechanics, many people may not have heard of Tim but if you're not following him and his work, you should be.

Hope you enjoy this episode with Tim Doyle.

In this episode we discussed...

  • Who is Tim Doyle (background, education and current role)?
  • Load management in sport and military
    • GPS

      • Are we missing a piece of the puzzle?
      • What can be inferred from GPS and what can't?
    • Internal measures
      • Forgotten about?
    • Your work in the military and customs and impact its having on practice
    • Daniel Glassbrook's work at South Sydney Rabbitohs
  • Applied research
    • Internal validation work (clubs getting to know their tech)

      • Simple processes and due diligence
    • Asking the right questions
      • Process for success
    • Working alongside a university as a practitioner

Tim can be found on Twitter @tladoyle

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