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Pacey Performance Podcast #209 - Jace Delaney (Director of Performance and Sports Science at University of Oregon)

October 11, 2018

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Director of Performance & Sports Science at University of Oregon, Jace Delaney. Jace has done a couple of Audio Abstracts for me in the past, speaking through his research but it was great to get him on to chat about his view on the goings on in the applied world. I was lucky to catch Jace right now as he is brand new into a role at the University of Oregon so I really appreciate his time in coming on for a chat. Enjoy.

  • Who is Jace Delaney (background, education and current role)?
  • Why do we monitor athletes?
  • “Invisible monitoring”
    • Game speed

      • What is it and how do you measure it?
      • That “worst case scenario” idea has become popular, but how does that translate into training?
        • Within a session
        • Within a season
    • Tracking fitness
      • Are fitness tests necessary in team sports?
      • Why is the training efficiency index a better option than a submaximal run for assessing fitness?
    • Neuromuscular fatigue/readiness profiling
      • Why is it necessary and is it useful?
      • How can we do it with GPS?
        • Accelerometer-based variables
        • Force-power-velocity profiling

Jace can be found on Twitter @jacedelaney

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