Pacey Performance Podcast

Jumping and plyometrics; testing options, the importance of jump strategy and its link to speed with Joseph Coyne (Director of High Performance at Lindisfarne Anglican College)

July 8, 2021

On this week’s Pacey Performance Podcast, Rob speaks to Joseph Coyne; a man with a huge CV and an even bigger bank of strength and conditioning knowledge to draw from. Joseph has been Performance Director with the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai and was previously employed by the Chinese Olympic Committee as a Performance Manager. This is in addition to coaching with the Chinese Track and Field Association, Surfing Australia, and working at a school as director of athletics and athletic development.

As you can imagine, Joseph has expertise to share – which is exactly what he does on this week’s podcast when it comes to plyometrics, jump training, and how to customise your training based on the build of your athletes and the sport they’re training for. This includes co-ordinating jumps to maintain that all-important intensity but avoid needless injury, including subjective load monitoring and RSI.

Joseph also speaks about what it was like to coach with the UFC in China – a world away from his background in track and field and personal love for rugby. To gain this superb insight into plyometrics, jumps training and subjective load monitoring from a coach who’s seen it all, hit play on the Pacey Performance Podcast now!

This week’s topics:

  • The story behind UFC in China
  • Plyometrics and jump training techniques
  • The increased popularity of 10/5 jumps versus 10 second repeats
  • How to alter your testing options based on your sport
  • Joseph’s process for developing force velocity profile – and how to improve it
  • Identifying a low amplitude jump strategy
  • How to co-ordinate jumps to maintain intensity but avoid injury
  • The difference that floor surface can make in plyometrics
  • The number of times a week athletes should be exposed to plyometrics
  • Safe plyometric training for heavier athletes
  • What team sports coaches can learn from track and field
  • Joseph’s insight into subjective load monitoring

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